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Lake Anna Rentals highlights a large variety of vacation homes in and around the Lake Anna, VA area. We link to an interactive search engine that allows you to filter properties based on your family’s needs. Search on the number of bedrooms, bathroom, location, property type, and amenities offered. We also provide a wealth of useful information about the area, making us your one-stop shop for everything Lake Anna!

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Vacation Rentals

Book a Lake Anna house rental, waterfront property, or cabin – with comfort and amenities that you won’t find in any hotel room. Check out all of the area’s vacation rentals for your next lakefront vacation at Lake Anna Virginia. Don’t forget that you can filter on amenities, location, property type, etc.

Book a Tee Time

The Greens at Tanyard is an 18-hole golf facility located near Lake Anna, Virginia. It is a top-tier golf course which has earned a well-deserved reputation as a “player-friendly” course. Although a semi-private facility, The Greens at Tanyard also welcomes public play seven days a week.


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Fun on the Water

Whether it’s boating, skiing, fishing, or cruising around on  a Jet Ski…Lake Anna offers it all! The lake offers a wide variety of water sports – something for everyone! Lake Anna is more than 13,000 acres in size and encompasses 3 different counties in Virginia. It is 17.5 miles long and 1.5 miles wide.


Finding a restaurant can be difficult, especially when you don’t know where to look or don’t really know the area. For those who are staying in or near Lake Anna, VA, you are in for a treat! There are several Lake Anna restaurants that serve mouth-watering dishes which you will absolutely love!


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Bed & Breakfast

Go back in time with a retreat to a restored 18th and 19th century private cottage. Each cottage boasts period furnishings, wood-burning fireplaces and a unique history. The grounds host some of the most “well-preserved Civil War trenches around”. Bring a good book and bottle of wine to enjoy from the comfort of your porch!


There are many small markets and shops around the lake, providing visitors with ample shopping. Louisa, VA is the closest source for shopping, and is less than a 30-minute drive from the upper lake area. There you will find antiques and gift shops, jewelry, clothing, etc.


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[nimbus_quote attribution=”Chris Mantle”] We discovered Lake Anna, Virginia by accident while driving through the state of VA and taking back roads to avoid the highways. The Lake is beautiful and quite large. Most of the shore line is either wooded or has water-front homes. Lake Anna is located in a remotely populated part of the state and surrounded (primarily) by state parks, farms, undeveloped land and residential areas.[/nimbus_quote]

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