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Directions to Lake Anna from I-95

Lake Anna is located 18 miles west of I-95, approximately mid-way between Washington D.C. and Richmond VA. Following are directions to Lake Anna’s “mid-point” the Route 208 bridge.

Take exit 118 Thornburg (Route 606) off Interstate 95. Turn onto Route 606 West. Proceed approximately 5 miles to the stoplight at Snell. Continue straight through the light on Routes 208 west and 606 west. Continue about 4 more miles following 208 west signs. Make a 90 degree left hand turn at Post Oak, staying on 208 west…(Route 606 goes straight at this point…) Continue on 208 West for approximately 11 miles to the 208 bridge.

Directions to Lake Anna from I-64 (Points West)

Follow I-64 East around Charlottesville and take exit 143 Mineral/Louisa (Route 208). Turn left and follow 208 east signs through Louisa and Mineral…(one right turn in Louisa and two lefts in Mineral). Follow 208/522 for 7 miles and turn right at Dickinson’s Store, following 208 east signs. Continue on 208 East for 4 miles to the 208 bridge towards the marina.

Questions about this Lake Anna Map

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  1. Ethan Hernandez
    June 30, 2014

    After holidaying here for 3 years in a row I think I will make this my yearly vacation spot. It has everything a 50 year old man wants – quiet camping, great quality fishing, local restaurant that won’t break the bank and awesome customer service, these people really know how to treat their customer. If you’re coming here for the first time, print the Lake Anna map so you have a better understanding of the area.

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