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  • Discover Lake Anna Beach!

    Discover Lake Anna Beach!

    One of the nicest vacation spots in Northern Virginia did not exist during the Civil War Era. During the early 1970s, engineers constructed an impressive man-made lake extending over a 20-mile area. It includes numerous coves and peninsulas and a well-maintained public beach along a section of its eastern shore at Lake Anna State Park.…

  • The Top 10 Things to do in Lake Anna

    The Top 10 Things to do in Lake Anna

    For a sensational year-around getaway, consider Virginia’s beautiful Lake Anna. Located 72 miles south of Washington, DC, it is easily accessible from the Charlottesville and Richmond areas. Here are ten activities to consider while relaxing at one of the largest freshwater lakes in Virginia. 1.Boating, Skiing, Jet Skiing Over 200 miles of scenic shoreline offers…