Lake Anna Boat Rentals

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Lake Anna, VA is one of the largest and makes popular lakes in Virginia. It has a surface area of 13, 000 acres, and is 17 miles long, with 200 miles of shoreline. These features would make any boater want to visit this man-made lake and explore it. The lake offers swimming, fishing, sailing, and boating. Boating and sailing are most popular among lake visitors and residents. Below, you can find several places that offer lake Anna boat rentals.

Lake Anna Boat RentalsWhere Can I Rent a Boat?

Various marinas in the area offer different kinds of Lake Anna Boat Rentals. Boats like kayaks and canoes are available for rent at Promise Point & Serenity Cove rental homes and Lake Anna Marina. At Promise Point & Serenity Cove rental homes, kayaks and canoes can be used with no delivery fee as long as it is used there. It can also be used off-site, still with no delivery fee, but you may want to pick them up on your own because the management may not be able to bring it to you. Different pontoon boats are available for rent at Dukes Creek Marina, Sturgeon Creek Marina, Anna Point Marina, Lake Anna Marina, Bear Castle, and Serenity Cove rental houses. Lake Anna Jet SkisJet skis are available for rent at Anna Point Marina and Serenity Cove. Various Lake Anna Boat Rentals are available for rent at Serenity Cove, Anna Point Marina, and Lake Anna Marina. Other boats and water crafts like party boats, sport boats, paddle boats, water bikes, and wake-board equipment are available for rent at Lake Anna Marina.

Lake Anna boat rentals can be enjoyed throughout the lake and may be launched at any marina where it was rented. They can be used on both the public side (cold side) and on the private side (hot side), if you are a property owner. There are no major boating restrictions on Lake Anna, so boating is permitted just about anywhere. For those who enjoy camping, you could dock your boat right next to your campsite.

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