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By on May 18, 2015

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Travelers to the region will find a lovely vacation destination with mild and predictable Lake Anna weather patterns for the mid-Atlantic United States. Located 72 miles south of Washington, D.C., Lake Anna is only a short drive from two of Virginia’s biggest cities, Richmond and Charlottesville.

Situated on the North Anna River, Lake Anna is a man-made freshwater lake with over 200 miles of shoreline. It was built in the early 1970’s with the addition of the North Anna Dam and has developed over time into one of the nicest aquatic destinations in inland Virginia.

Lake Anna Jet Ski RentalLake Anna is appealing for its numerous outdoor activities, not limited to water sports and attractions. The surrounding area offers hiking trails, golf courses, and vineyards, all to be experienced in the lovely Lake Anna weather.

Vacationers hoping to fully enjoy all that Lake Anna has to offer can arrive as early as April, when the average high temperature reaches 71 degrees (Fahrenheit). Temperatures increase throughout the spring and summer seasons and peak in August, when the average high is 88 degrees. Fall in Virginia remains lovely, as you can enjoy the changing leaves at an average high of 70 degrees.

Precipitation does not pose much of an issue at Lake Anna; like most states in the region, the monthly average for rain is between 5-7 days. In the winter, Lake Anna typically sees snowfall only once or twice per month: striped bass enthusiasts should find this ideal for their January fishing excursions.

In addition to the outdoor activities mentioned above, Lake Anna holds special interest for triathletes as it is home to two major endurance events each year. The Rumpus in Bumpass triathlon festival occurs every spring, while the Giant Acorn triathlon is hosted in the fall. Lake Anna’s weather is ideal for triathletes, combining mild temperatures in the spring and fall with low rates of precipitation.

Lake Anna Vacation HomeLake Anna is home to a variety of lodging options between hotel rooms, vacation homes, and rental cabins, each offering easy access to the water. The Lake Anna weather and environment is ideal for sports like swimming and water skiing, while nearby shops and attractions offer something for everyone. Whether or not you’re an outdoor enthusiast, there will be something to appreciate at Lake Anna.

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